It’s tough to keep a band together

I remember when I was first started playing. Mikey, Kris, Jason, Mike and I all stuck in the little garage, filled with noxious amounts of cigarette smoke and noise.

We had desire, and we had time and energy, but we had no money.
Fast forward 25 years, and the situation changes. We now have desire and money, but no time and not much energy.

So, the band’s back together, and you’ve recaptured your youth, right?
Things start up, gain some momentum, play a few shows… and then life interferes and the momentum disappears.
Just as easy as it was to start, it stops; but the addiction remains…

Playing music is an addiction, one that stayed with me for 14 years after I swore I was done trying to make it work.
When Tripwyre started up again, I got bit by the bug again, HARD.

Now what? Well, the only way to satisfy my addiction is to play, so it’s time to put a band together…
Should be easy, right?
You look for talented musicians whose taste in music is similar to yours, you pick songs, you rehearse, you book shows, and that’s that, right?

You find them, start a band, you run into schedule conflicts, and you lose someone.
You find them, start a band, you practice together and find that the personalities clash.
You find them, start a band, and you find out the guy you just brought on board has a severe addiction to cocaine and hookers.

It’s disheartening for sure.

Finally, two years after letting the bug get the best of me again, the stars have aligned and things are gaining momentum.
I’ve found two guys that are as passionate about making music as I am, Larry Henson and Mike Timko.

We’re gonna play no matter how tired we are, or what kind of pain we’re in, because we love to play.
We’re gonna drag equipment around, and most likely piss off our significant others, because we love to play.
We’re gonna give it everything we’ve got.

And if the stars stay in alignment (fingers crossed), we’ll see you in a few months.